School Board Governance Library

CSI places significant emphasis on the value of strong and effective school governing boards.

To this end, CSI strives to provide governing boards with tools and resources to assist them in meeting board member expectations.

Tom McMillen

Senior Director of Governance and Legal Supports

(720) 584-4236

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Training for CSI School Board Members

General Resources 

  • Governing Board Supports – This resource lists the governance supports provided by CSI, the Colorado League of Charter Schools, and the Colorado Department of Education. 
  • School Board Newsletter – CSI produces a monthly newsletter geared at CSI school board members. Each newsletter highlights important tasks and reminders for the upcoming month. Subscribe to the School Board Newsletters if you haven’t already! 
  • CSI Trainings – CSI offers several trainings throughout the year. Click here to register for upcoming Brown Bag Board Trainings.
    • October 2023 Brown Bag Board Training [slides] [recording]
    • Next training: December 7, 2023

New Board Member Orientation 

New board members of CSI school boards are highly encouraged to complete the following board orientation modules. 

    Resources for CSI School Board Members

    Board Meeting Resources

    The following resources support school boards in conducting compliance board meetings.

    Sample Materials

    The following materials can be downloaded and tailored for use by school boards in fulfilling oversight responsibilities.


    The following checklists can be used by school boards to ensure compliance with board meeting requirements.

    Strategic Planning

    The following resources can support school boards in strategic planning.

    View more resources in the Legal & Policy Library.

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