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The CSI Legal & Policy Team offers general legal and policy support to CSI schools, manages the charter contract process, monitors compliance of CSI schools, and develops and revises CSI policies.


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Colorado law allows schools/districts to request waivers from certain areas of state statue and rule. The purpose is to allow autonomy in areas that will enhance educational opportunity and quality. Charter schools can implement their educational mission to its full...

Charter Modification

Opportunities for schools to grow and change do not always align with the contract renewal timeline. To ensure Institute schools can make contract changes when desired, the Institute has developed a Charter Modification Request Process. This process provides Institute...

Organizational Submissions & Audits

As a charter school authorizer and in line with best practice, CSI is responsible for implementing an accountability system that evaluates CSI schools' academic, financial, and operational performance (e.g., "CARS"). As one component of measuring operational...

Board Governance

School Board Governance LibraryCSI places significant emphasis on the value of strong and effective school governing boards.  To this end, CSI strives to provide governing boards with tools and resources to assist them in meeting board member expectations.Training for...

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Policy Development

Sample Policies

Click on any of the topics below to be directed to a downloadable and editable sample policy. Implementation of Remote Learning During the 2021-22 School Year in Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic 2020-21 Instructional Time and Attendance Policies (to make use of...

Policy Guidance by Topic

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