CSI Schools are not required to provide transportation to students, except as otherwise required by state or federal law (e.g., for students with transportation as a relates service on their IEP). CSI Schools electing to provide transportation must submit a Transportation Plan to and receive approval from CSI in advance of providing such services.  Any changes to existing transportation services or the addition of transportation services must be approved in advance by CSI in accordance with the CSI Charter Modification Procedures. CSI Schools providing transportation services are responsible for compliance with all regulatory, safety, insurance, and licensing requirements, regardless of whether transportation services are provided by a third-party vendor or the school itself.  Accordingly, schools should be sure to carefully review Colorado State Board of Education Regulations to ensure all compliance requirements are met.

Schools should consult CDE’s transportation webpage for updates, resources and helpful trainings. Additional information and resources are provided below.


Stephanie Aragon

Director of Policy


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