Interim/Local Assessments

Interim Assessments provide an additional tool for schools to evaluate student performance throughout the year, outside of regular state assessments. According to the Colorado Department of Education, a balanced assessment system contains:

  • Formative assessments (quick checks for learning conducted by teachers throughout their class),
  • Interim assessments (more formal progress monitoring often conducted several times throughout the year to see how students are progressing), and
  • Summative assessments (end of course/unit, end of year assessments to find out what students know and can do).

CSI does not recommend or suggest any specific interim assessment platform for its schools. Each school should decide individually which assessment platform best serves student needs.

Interim Assessment Analysis Reports

CSI provides individualized Interim Assessment Analysis Reports for any CSI school that would like a broader picture of their school’s performance on interim assessments. These reports contain customized analyses that mirror the state’s accountability system. Schools can use these reports to evaluate areas of growth and take appropriate actions to lead to systemic improvements.

CSI also provides one-on-one webinar trainings to help schools understand the various methods and analyses in their report.

For questions on interim assessment analysis or to request a report for your school, please contact CSI’s Performance and Accountability Analyst, Collin Phillips.

To learn more about interim assessment tools, view CDE’s Assessment Instrument Descriptions.

To learn more about READ assessments, view CSI’s READ Act Assessment resources.

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