CSI operates as the Administrative Unit (AU) with authority for oversight and legal compliance for the delivery of Special Education services to students with disabilities. Each Institute school is responsible for meeting all Federal and State Special Education Laws.

Special Education Law refers to the Individuals with Disabilities Education Improvement Act (IDEA or IDEIA) and the Colorado Exceptional Children’s Education Act (ECEA) and related charter school laws pertaining to special education.

Section 504


Nick Stachokus
Director of Special Education

(720) 990-1240


General Processes & Procedures

This section provides various procedural and guidance documents and forms related to Special Education staffing, students, human resources, and IEP development procedures. The hyperlinks go to documents, presentations, and websites intended to support Special Educators and related staff with various queries. Information not found, but needed, should be requested directly from the Special Education Coordinator assigned to your school.

Topical Processes & Procedures

This section will allow you to locate important processes and procedures directly related to compliance and IEP development. You will find information related to important measures for discipline as well as how to correctly provide research-based interventions as a part of a referral process within Tier 2.


The following forms focus on supporting appropriate behaviors and extinguishing less desirable ones. We also recognize that you may use similar forms from other sources that you may find more conducive to your behavioral targets for a student(s).

Behavior Cycle Forms

Behavior Intervention Plans (BIP)

      Crisis Response

      Sometimes our students are exhibiting behaviors and actions that may reach a level that is considered crisis in nature. To help school teams assess what level a student’s behavior exists in, we’ve compiled these helpful documents to be used as a guide to decide what needs to happen to ensure safety. As always, if you have any concerns or questions about these processes, contact your assigned Special Education Coordinator, or Mental Health Specialist, immediately.

      Data and Reporting

      This section provides topical as well as specific guidance around our use of data, and how it is submitted in cycles throughout the year. Also, Student Information Systems used by our schools are described and may be used as a guide to help decide which is most useful to your school.

      Student Information Systems

       Plan Management Systems

      Special Education Staff Orientation

      New staff are highly encouraged to attend our annual new staff orientation. If you are not able to, please consider viewing the recordings for each of the two sections listed below.


      A key to the success of our staff and students is the tireless work of Para Educators! How do we maximize their potential? Please see the series of informational trainings found in the links below. This series can be viewed by both Special Education teaching staff and Para Educators.

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