End of Year

The purpose of the End of Year (EOY) is to summarize the annual educational history for students throughout the school year.

The data from this collection is used to determine the graduation, completion, dropout, mobility, and stability rates used in school and district-level accountability measures. This information informs policy at the state and federal level and becomes public information that is used in official reports and news articles.

General Resources

Visit the Data Submissions Library for:

  • Data Submissions Handbook
  • Data Submissions Calendar
  • Troubleshooting Errors

File Layouts

File layouts provide guidance on the valid coding and definitions for each data element being collected. 

Submissions Training

All school submissions contacts should review relevant training prior to starting the data collection.

Field-Specific Trainings

Data Validation Resources

Data validation resources should be utilized prior to submitting initial files to CSI and throughout the collection to ensure data is comprehensive and accurate.

Quick Reference Guides

These quick references provide step by step instructions for completing key tasks for the data collection.

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