CSI schools provide essential health services as required by state and federal legislation and policy. Some key elements include, but are not limited to, providing separate rooms or areas for emergency use in providing care for persons who are ill, or suspected of having communicable diseases; developing policies and procedures for informing parents about immunization requirements and collecting and maintaining health and immunization information; developing procedures for storing and administering medication; and employing or contracting with a registered nurse who holds both a CDE School Nurse license and a Colorado Department of Regulatory Agencies (DORA) license.

Throughout the school year, the school nurse follows the scope and standards of practice as outlined in the Colorado Nurses Practice Act to provide care coordination for students with health needs, including routine care, emergency response, screenings for hearing and vision, health evaluations for exceptional students (IEP or 504). A school nurse may delegate specific nursing tasks to unlicensed school staff (Health Assistant), provided the appropriate delegation protocol is followed. 

For comprehensive resources visit the CDE School Nursing and Health webpage.

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Michael McManus
Career Pathways &School Programs Coordinator

Medication Administration Guidance

See below for resources related to medication administration: Medication Administration Guidelines in the School and Child Care Settings Colorado Medication Administration Online Training for Schools Guidance on Delegation for Colorado School Nurses & Child Care...

Coronavirus Updates

CSI Weekly Update Calls for School Leaders Every Monday in August from 1:00pm-2:00pm Resources from calls will be posted here https://us02web.zoom.us/j/86795967474CSI will continue to communicate any changes in guidance via email and post school leader communications...

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