The School Discipline collection contains school level information for (1) the counts of students disciplined based on the type of incident (behavior), (2) the demographics of the student(s) disciplined and (3) the counts of students that brought or possessed a firearm for each school. The data from the School Discipline collection is used to populate the Civil Rights Data Collection (CRDC) for LEAs which occurs every other year.

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Important Announcements

All trainings and resources will be released on 04/21/2021 with the initial submittal due on 05/07/2021.

CDE has delayed the opening of the School Discipline collection that was originally scheduled for 4/28.  They have not provided a timetable, but schools can still submit files and CSI will prep them to upload when available.  CSI will notify you when your files have been processed successfully.

General Data Submissions Resources

School Discipline File Layout and Validation Resources

System Resources – PowerSchool

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