The purpose of the ACCESS for ELLs Student Biographical Data (SBD) review is to allow CSI schools the opportunity to verify the accuracy of the demographic data AND assessment related data submitted for each student administered the WIDA ACCESS language proficiency assessment. State and Federal accountability reporting (including school and district performance framework ratings, Title III AMAOs, and priority and focus school designations) all rely on accurate demographic and test score data. Therefore, the impact of the SBD review of demographic data on accountability reporting is profound.

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Important Announcements

With the recent addition of the new “ELL Count” funding factor based on the total number of English language learners reported by schools in the October Count collection, it has become even more important that schools ensure the accuracy of the ACCESS test results in this review, and follow through with accurate designation updates to ELL fields in each school SIS before the start of the next school year.

CDE is now checking that students reported by schools as NEP or LEP in the October Count match up to WIDA ACCESS testing results from the prior spring. Invalid matching records will require submission of adequate documentation and result in possible funding exceptions if the data is reported inaccurately.

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