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Betsy Jane Basch, Psy.D.
Mental Health Program Specialist

C: 303-532-7395

Best Practices

  • Know Your Rights: A [Legal] Guide for Transgender and Gender Nonconforming Students (GLSEN)
    • This is a helpful guide for anyone questioning their legal rights as a transgender or genderqueer individual in areas of: names, records, bathrooms, locker rooms, affinity groups, etc..
  • Model School Policy Statement for Genderqueer Students (Transequality)
    • For schools who are interested in serving all students, this is an example of a model policy schools can edit for their own inclusion statements and demonstrating best practices in serving gender inclusion
  • Understanding Minor Consent and Confidentiality in Colorado (CDE)
    • A guide from the CDE which is instrumental in defining mental health services in schools and parses out individual circumstances about confidentiality on sensitive topics like parental rights, student choice, abortion, and sexual relationships between teens
  • Affinity Groups in Schools (Eastern Educational Resource Collaborative)
    • Excellent resource about the research supporting why affinity groups are important in schools, and tips on how to avoid common pitfalls (like confusing exclusion & affinity)
  • US Department of Education Policy Letter on Transgender Students-Fact Sheet (Transequality)
    • Further information about how the US Department of Education states schools that receive federal funding should legislate transgender and genderqueer students
  • Best Practices in Social Emotional Learning (SEL) (Washington Association of School Administrators (through Hanover Research))
    • Great analysis bringing together decades of research on how schools that incorporate Social Emotional Learning have students that attend school more often, have better grades, and have better relationships with adults, just to name a few!


  • Mental Health is Health (Jed Foundation)
    • Great website & information to present to leaders about advocating for mental health parity in the everyday spaces

Suicide Prevention

Crisis Response Resources

Crisis Response Services & Hotlines (by Colorado County)

Emergency Services

Colorado Crisis Services

Click here for a list of hotlines by county

Curated Resource Guides


  • The Trevor Project
    • The Trevor Project provides crisis intervention and suicide prevention services to lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and questioning youth.
  • It Gets Better Project
    • It Gets Better project is an online forum designed to provide LGBTQ+ youth hope and stories about their coming out process and acceptance.
  • Iamclinic
    • The iamclinic is a clinic based in Denver specializing in youth and families who are navigating LGBTQ+ identity and religious practices. They also provide training to organizations and schools interested in supporting their LGBTQ+ students and families.
  • Inside Out Youth Programming
    • Inside Out is a LGBTQ+ youth programing support center that is based in Colorado Springs and has virtual services that are offered statewide.
    • Parents and Families of Lesbians & Gays (PFLAG) is a national familial support system for families navigating loved ones’ coming out process. They offer local & online support groups as well as curated resources and advocacy guides.
  • Colorado Name Change Project
    • Free resource on how to change your name in Colorado

Cultural Considerations



Supplementary Services

  • CU Anschutz Teacher & Educator Well-Being Support Line – 303-724-2500
  • Colorado Crisis Services
  • Colorado Spirit is a grant-funded initiative out of the Allhealth network designed to support mental health practitioners. FREE resources include: Psychological First Aid Training, Compassion Fatigue for Educators, Wellness, Burnout and Pandemic Reactions.
  • Spark the Change is a FREE resource that connects licensed, volunteer clinicians to students and communities in need of mental health response. Referees can get up to 10 sessions for free, as well as pertinent resources.
  • Second Wind Fund is a FREE resource that connects licensed, volunteer clinicians to students at risk for suicide and in need of mental health response. Referees can get up to 12 sessions for free in person or through telehealth, as well as pertinent resources.
  • Mental Health Colorado offers FREE screening tools in English and Spanish for people concerned that the mental health symptoms they are experiencing may be impacting their wellbeing.
  • The Crisis Support Team is a FREE organization that provides consultation & guidance for schools that have experienced a significant systemic crisis.


  • CDE School Mental and Behavioral Health Listserv –  Email Amanda Nieser to join
    • The School Mental Health and Behavior Listserv is a great way to receive information through periodic emails on statewide training(s), job opportunities, and mental health and/or behavior related events.
  • Colorado Bilingual School Mental Health Network

SEL Curriculum/Tools

  • Asset Education
    • Incredible, easy to implement social emotional mini skills for instructors to utilize during class time for emotional regulation, stress management & focus
  • 51 Mindfulness Exercises for Kids in the Classroom(
    • Simple to implement exercises for the classroom for emotional regulation
  • A 5-week Guide to Develop a Caring Community (Alliance for a Healthier Generation)
    • Separated out by grade level, step-by-step approach to make a difference in your community
  • Planning for the Next Normal (Healthy Schools Campaign by Kaiser Permanente)
    • Understanding that life will never be the same “after” COVID and incorporating important lessons in the foundation of cultural development


  • To Write Love on Her Arms (TWLOHA)
    • Great self-help resources for people who self-harm, reading, and ways supportive people can help
  • A.F.E. Alternatives (Self-Abuse Finally Ends)
    • Ideas about navigating options to self-harm, resources & best practices


  • hollaback!
    • FREE anti-harassment & bullying trainings for students & staff, both for in person harassment & online harassment, including racial, sexual & third-party harassment interventions

Parent Tools


Mental Health Training

Crisis Response

Psychological First Aid

Mental Health Organizations


Therapy Finders

Therapist Finders that Report Accepting Medicaid


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