Updated 3/24/2022

CDE Remote Learning Options for 2022-2023

As SY 2022-23 CDE Remote Learning Guidance indicates, schools will have the option to enact the following remote learning flexibility due to disruptions caused by the spread of COVID-19:

    • Provide temporary remote learning options as a result of COVID-19 health concerns in SY 2022-23.

CDE will not offer flexibility to provide a 100% remote learning option due to COVID-19 health concerns for brick-and-mortar students in 2022-23.

CDE’s existing guidance document for temporary remote learning can be used to help inform a school’s planning for next year to ensure it has the appropriate policies/plan in place.

CSI School Remote Learning Flexibility Requirements for 2022-23

CSI schools must fulfill the following requirements by the deadlines set forth below to ensure access to temporary remote learning flexibility for the 2022-2023 school year.

  1. Submit 2022-2023 Board-Approved Calendar and Bell Schedule Due May 13, 2022

Please review CSI’s Annual School Calendar Submission Guidance to ensure submissions meet all requirements. 

Please also submit the temporary remote learning bell schedule(s) if different from in-person schedule.

Questions about school calendars and bell schedules can be directed to submissions_CSI@csi.state.co.us.

  1. 2022-23 Temporary Remote Learning School Board Policy August 1, 2022

Submit a school board-approved policy/resolution that addresses the implementation of temporary remote learning in response to learning disruptions caused by COVID-19. This policy can be a revision of the school’s 2021-22 Remote Learning Policy submitted to CSI.

This adopted local policy must include the following information: 

    • Definition of “educational process” that includes the use of remote learning and how its planned use is specifically in response to the COVID-19 pandemic 
    • Description of how instruction will be delivered during temporary remote learning. (This includes synchronous and asynchronous learning activities that would demonstrate a student is “engaged in the educational process” (as described in the adopted local board policy) 
    • List of documentation the school will provide to evidence a student was in attendance during periods of asynchronous temporary remote learning. 

The submission should include the date of board adoption or a separate attachment of board minutes that indicate the date in which the policy was adopted. 

CSI has drafted a sample board resolution that satisfies these requirements. 

Questions about the school board policy requirement can be directed to legalandpolicy_csi@csi.state.co.us

2022-23 Remote Learning Plan

While schools DO NOT need to submit a 2022-23 Remote Learning Plan, schools should update their SY 2021-22 remote learning plan as necessary.  The plan should address:

    • Accessibility
    • Student engagement
    • Parent/guardian communication
    • Examples of synchronous and asynchronous instruction
    • Assessment
    • Students with IEPs and ALPs
    • Attendance and types of documentation being collected as evidence of attendance.

CSI schools can use the 2021-22 Remote Learning Plan Requirements for guidance, with a reminder that the only remote learning option available for SY 2022-23 is a Temporary Remote Option.

Please contact Kimberly Caplan or Michael McManus with questions about the remote learning plans.

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