The Special Education End-of-Year Student collection is required to obtain data on students who were referred, evaluated, or received special education services throughout the school year.  Information is also collected on students who received services in an eligible facility or were tuitioned to an in-state or out-of-state non-public school program or public agency. The data collected includes information on exits from special education, part C evaluations, and the services students in special education are receiving.

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Important Announcements

  1. Schools using Alpine Achievement for their IEP creation should be aware that the Plan Management System will no longer be available after the 20-21 SPED EOY Collection.  Be sure to work with school leadership to develop the best plan moving forward.  Schools have the option of switching to Infinite Campus, Enrich, or the new state AnLar Ascend system.  Please see the SPED Plan Management and State Reporting webinar from January 2021(
  2. We have seen several instances of Infinite Campus inaccurately pulling End Dates for all students on the 20-21 SPED EOY Participation file, which is leading to an SE239 error.  If your school is experiencing this issue, please reach out to IC directly through their ticketing system to let them know and hopefully resolve soon.  .
  3. CDE has released some changes to delay coding options due to COVID.  The definitions of two codes have changed with a summary below:

59 –  Not Valid – No personnel available for evaluation —> 59 – Not Valid – Other _______ (exception request)

61 – Not Valid – Other_______ (exception request) —> 61 – Not Valid – COVID19 School Closure

For the full CDE documentation on the change, see the COVID-19 Delay Code Memo listed below.

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