The Special Education End-of-Year Student collection is required to obtain data on students who were referred, evaluated, or received special education services throughout the school year.  Information is also collected on students who received services in an eligible facility or were tuitioned to an in-state or out-of-state non-public school program or public agency. The data collected includes information on exits from special education, part C evaluations, and the services students in special education are receiving.

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Important Announcements

  1. Alpine Achievement users should be aware that 19-20 CDE updates to all Delay Coding has not been implemented in their system as of May 2020.  They are currently working to make the necessary updates, but schools can manually enter the correct code into their Step 3 file in the interim. UPDATE: Alpine notified CSI that the Delay Codes have been updated as of May 14th.
  2. CDE has released some changes to delay coding options due to COVID.  The definitions of two codes have changed with a summary below:

59 –  Not Valid – No personnel available for evaluation —> 59 – Not Valid – Other _______ (exception request)

61 – Not Valid – Other_______ (exception request) —> 61 – Not Valid – COVID19 School Closure

For the full CDE documentation on the change, see the COVID-19 Delay Code Memo listed below.

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