The Charter School Institute (CSI) is the State’s only non-district charter school authorizer, currently authorizing 43 individual charter schools located across the State.

Each CSI charter school has autonomy in developing policies and procedures for Gifted Education in line with State policy. CSI requires each school to develop a gifted education program plan outlining how they implement ECEA rules in their school.

CSI’s School Programs Department guides schools in implementing their gifted program plan and collaborates with schools to monitor implementation of key requirements of ECEA. Our systems of support ensure gifted student growth and achievement across our portfolio of schools. 


Kimberly Caplan

CSI School Programs Director


Gifted Education Contacts by School


All gifted students will receive rigorous, culturally inclusive, evidenced-based academic and affective educational opportunities to develop their exceptionalities, leading to fulfilling and productive lives.


Requirement Statutory Reference CSI Oversight

Follow State guidance for identifying students in need of gifted education services.

Follow State guidance for identifying 4- and 5-year old students for Early Access to Kindergarten & first grade.

Resources for Gifted Education Leads

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