All institutions with CCCS-approved CTE programs are required to report student enrollment, student follow-up (placement), and active CTE teacher data to CCCS every year.  Institutions are required to report the data even if they do NOT receive state or federal funding because it is a requirement of the CTE program renewal process.  Only middle school level programs and those approved under the Colorado Department of Corrections (DOC) and/or Division of Youth Corrections are waived from the requirement of submitting the follow-up.

CCCS is required by law to collect CTE enrollment and placement data each year in order to comply with accountability requirements set forth by both the state-funded Colorado Technical Act (CTA) of 2008 (formerly the Colorado Vocational Act of 1970) and the federally-funded Strengthening Career and Technical Education for the 21st Century Act (Perkins V).

Programs are not eligible for Perkins/Innovative grant funds or CTA funding for that year, as they have not demonstrated program enrollment or credentialed instructors.  Active programs that do not report enrollment data will be placed on inactive status.  If they have not expired, they will be placed on a Conditional status until their next renewal cycle.  If they have expired, they will need to renew their program.

CTE student enrollment and placement data collected across the state form much of the framework for the performance metrics used for Perkins and the trend reports used for program renewal evaluations. Beyond compliance purposes, student data can be used to help you understand many aspects of your programs and think about how to best support your students and develop your programs.

CTE Data Collections

  • Enrollment Reporting
    • The enrollment data reporting process involves reporting demographic and program participation, concentration, and completion information for students who are enrolled in CCCS-approved CTE programs during the completed academic year.
  • Follow-up Reporting
    • The Follow-up data reporting process involves reporting on placement outcomes for past CTE students for secondary and postsecondary programs, to understand employment, continuing education, and the like, from October 1st through December 31st following the previous academic year.
  • Active Teachers Reporting
    • This is the list of credentialed, active teachers for your active CTE programs that you submit to CCCS for the current academic year.

CTE Data Collection Resources

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