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  • College Board maintains documents and updated timelines on their Colorado-Specific Website. The best place to get rapid answers to assessment-specific questions is College Board’s Colorado-Specific hotline which can be reached at 866-917-9030.
  • The SAT/PSAT Coordinator Handbook is now available for Spring 2021 assessments. This handbook includes important timelines and checklists that can be helpful in preparing for spring assessments. 
  • The Implementation Overview Presentation from CDE provides general guidance for Spring 2021 College Board assessments. 

Spring 2021 Testing Dates (as of 12/4/2020)

As schools adapt to the ongoing COVID-19-related public health considerations, CDE will be providing additional flexibility for Colorado districts and schools as they prepare for this year’s PSAT and SAT school day administrations. The two changes below include expanding the testing windows for PSAT in grades 9 and 10 and an additional SAT school day administration in May. These changes are being made in response to the current pandemic and are only for the spring 2021 Colorado School Day PSAT and SAT test administrations.

PSAT in grades 9 and 10

The primary and make-up windows for PSAT in grades 9 and 10 will be expanded to four days each. Schools will be able to choose one test date between April 13-16 for the primary administration of PSAT and one test date between April 27-30 for the make-up administration of PSAT. An additional day has been added to provide flexibility for schools in the event that a school will need to close for a short (24-48 hour) period of time for deep cleaning, sanitizing, or for other reasons that the facility is not available.

CDE recommends consideration of the following PSAT administration models for schools that are instructing students in two cohorts:

  • The two cohorts are tested on the same day in different areas of the building; 
  • The two are tested on the same day using an on-site location for one cohort and an offsite location for the other cohort; or
  • The school uses the primary test date to test one cohort and the make-up test date to test the other cohort. Schools that use this model will need to be aware that a make-up test date will not be available for their students. 


In addition to the previously announced SAT school day administrations on April 13 and 27, an additional make-up administration of the SAT will be available on May 18. Schools may utilize this date in a couple of different scenarios. 

  • They may use the May 18 test date as an additional make-up test date in the event of a closure on either the primary SAT test date on April 13 or the make-up test date on April 27.
  • Schools may also use the May 18 test date as a make-up date in the event they are testing students in cohorts and will be using April 13 as the primary test date for one cohort and April 27 as the primary test date for the other.  


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