College Board maintains documents and updated timelines on their Colorado-Specific Website.

SAT/PSAT Coordinator Handbook for 2019-2020 is now available.

Important Upcoming Dates for SAT/PSAT

  • January – February: SAT Essay Student Registration Window
    Students will need to register for this optional test through their own student account.
  • February: Materials Review Window
    PSAT and SAT materials will be automatically ordered for each school based on October Count data. This window is when school Test Coordinators can get in touch with College Board if that count is inaccurate. The easiest way to notify College Board of this will be to call their Colorado School Day Line at (866)-917-9030.

Accommodations Requests

There are three types of accommodations that can be requested for student tests, and each type has their own request window.

  • State-Allowed Accommodations
    Now – March: For accommodations documented in student’s IEP and 504 plans. Students with these accommodations will receive scores but these scores are not reportable to colleges and scholarship programs.
  • College Board-Approved Accommodations
    Now – February

    College Board approved accommodations are designed for students with documented disabilities and must be approved in advance by the College Board. Students who are approved for accommodations by the College Board will receive college- and scholarship-reportable scores.
  • Extended Time for English Learners
    January – March

    EL students may use the 50% extended time support for SAT or PSAT testing. Offered as an option for EL students who receive extended time as an instructional support. Scores will be scholarship and/or college reportable and must be requested for each state administration. Advance request is required through SSD Online. To use EL supports, students must be classified either as Non-English Proficient (NEP) or Limited English Proficient (LEP).


Greg Nusz
Assessment and Program Evaluation Specialist

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