Registration for the AMC Induction Program for the 2023 – 2024 school year is now closed. We will begin accepting registrations for next year’s cohort in April 2024.

The Charter School Institute (CSI) partners with the Colorado Department of Education Schools of Choice Unit to provide a Principal and Administrator Induction Program to charter school leaders across the state. The Administrator Mentoring Cohort (AMC) Induction Program is aligned to the Charter School Support Initiative (CSSI) Quality Standards, as well as the Colorado Principal/Administrator Quality Standards. The Program combines professional development workshops, mentoring support, and a goal setting and reflection process to meet the state-wide criteria for approved Induction Programs. Upon successful completion of the AMC Induction Program, candidates will receive a certificate of completion which is required for the CDE Application for the Professional Principal/Administrator License. To be considered for acceptance into the AMC Induction Program, applicants must hold a Colorado Initial Principal or Administrator License and be currently employed in a leadership role at a charter school, charter school network, or charter school support agency. 

Induction Questions

Kimberly Caplan

CSI Director of Professional Learning

AMC Meeting Content Questions

Ian Stout & Keith Ouweneel

AMC Facilitators


CCSP Grant Requirements Questions

Gisa McCray Simmons

Senior Consultant & CCSP Lead Trainer


Professional Development

CDE Schools of Choice Unit offers six Administrator Mentoring Cohort Meetings throughout the year. Meetings are held on the first Wednesday of the month in September, October, November, February, March and May featuring relevant information to all charter schools across the state.

Meetings are designed with adult learner needs in mind. Topics are aligned to the school calendar to provide just-in-time training. Sessions allow for interaction with peers and also provide time for personal reflection to consider how ideas presented can strengthen leadership in your role and impact staff and student outcomes.



Mentor Support

Each AMC Induction participant selects a mentor who will provide 25-32 hours of coaching and support throughout the year. AMC mentors are experienced charter school leaders who understand the Colorado charter school landscape and have a commitment to developing leadership in others. They assist participants in developing professional growth plan goals, share ideas and experiences and help AMC Induction participants navigate the complex challenges faced by charter school leaders. Upon program completion, mentors will receive a clock hour certificate that can be used for license renewal. Mentors who attend AMC meetings will also be provided professional development certificates.

CSI maintains a list of approved mentors and can assist participants in selecting a mentor with expertise that matches their needs. Alternately, participants can submit the name, contact information and resume of an individual with whom they already have professional relationship. CSI will review the resume and determine if the proposed mentor meets criteria for approval. Participants are encouraged to select a mentor from outside of their organization, so that they may benefit from alternate perspectives.


Growth Plan & Reflection Process

Each AMC Induction participant is required to develop a Professional Growth Plan. Participants and their mentors review the Colorado Principal or Administrator Quality Standards and set goals to strengthen the participant’s practice in one or more of the standards. The plan also outlines action steps the participant will take to reach the goals by the end of the school year.

The Professional Growth Plan is reviewed at each mentoring meeting and used as a tool to engage in conversation about the participant’s successes and challenges. Action steps are adjusted as required.

Participants submit reports of their progress in the AMC Program three times during the year: November, February, and May. Reports include a log of mentoring contact hours, reflections on progress toward Professional Growth Plan goals, and action steps for the next reporting period.


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