The Special Education December Count collection is an annual count of students qualifying for IEPs as of December 1st used to generate federal funding to provide specialized student services. Special Education December Staff Data is also required to obtain actual data on special education staff employed by administrative units on December 1st of each year so that appropriate licensure and endorsement of staff can be verified; and reports can be made to the State Legislature, Federal government, local administrative units, and the public.


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 Important Announcements

AnLar announced that the State Reporting module will be available as of October 29th and the file extracts can be pulled from Ascend starting November 5th.  The State Reporting module can be used to input any of the missing state reporting fields that will address errors while the file extract screen provides schools the ability to extract both the Child and Participation files for the school.  Please reach out to the AnLar helpdesk and CSI if you are experiencing issues with either of these new sections in Ascend.  

CDE has notified us that the Staff Approval Matrix (SAM) warnings for Special Education staff is not working as of yet.  The goal is to have this functioning by late November, so should be addressed at that point.  It should be noted that DC233 and DC234 are also currently not working and can be disregarded for the time being until a fix is put into place.  CSI will notify you when all these are working again. UPDATE:  All issues have been resolved as of 12/09.

Infinite Campus is currently experiencing an issue with the Participation extract.  The Date of Exit from Special Education field is currently extracting future dates rather than being zero-filled until the student exits.  IC is aware of the issue and is working to correct this, but it is recommended to reach out and submit a ticket to ensure this update is completed in a timely manner.  In the meantime, it is recommended to either 1) manually remove the end date from your files (must open CSV correctly) or 2) run the Student Participation End of Year extraction and use an end date of 12/01/2021.

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