The Human Resources collection contains all general education staff information as of the official staff count date. This information is used for school staff demographics, average salaries by position and education level, highly qualified status for teachers and paraprofessionals, turnover rates and educator effectiveness ratings.

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Important Announcements

The HR201 appears to be pulling both accurate and inaccurate errors at this point.  Please review the staff persons Teaching Subject Area and Subject Area of Degree and compare with the ESSA In-Field Crosswalk.  Disregard these errors if the two match up for the time being.  CSI will notify you when CDE resolves this.

Currently, all Staff Assignment files that contain missing or zero-filled information in both the Contract Days field will not process in the data pipeline.  CSI has been adding valid (although inaccurate) data in those fields in order to process.  Your school has been notified and provided a highlighted SA file if this was necessary to process.  

UPDATE:  The READ Teacher Training Status has been put on hold for the 21-22 school year.  This field can be zero-filled or have an accurate value, but will not be reported for the upcoming school year.

IMPORTANT: 2021-2022 Reporting of 2020-2021 Educator Evaluation Ratings Changes
To support districts and BOCES, CDE will not be monitoring the measures of student learning/outcomes (MSL/MSO) portion of the Educator Effectiveness
requirements for educator evaluations in the 2020-2021 evaluation cycle. This decision acknowledges the critical need for districts/BOCES to focus on the
instructional and well-being needs of their students during the 2020-2021 school year. Therefore, monitoring and reporting of educator’s final effectiveness
rating is 100% based on professional practices. As a result, for the 2021-2022 Staff Interchange and HR Snapshot, CDE directs all districts to report overall
performance evaluation ratings based 100% on professional practices and zero-fill the measures of student learning/outcomes fields, as specified in this

All resources, including the Starting Point Files, will be available for the 21-22 school year on 5/27.  This includes the HR Quick Training: Data Collection Prep.  Full 21-22 trainings will be available on August 19th.

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