Human Resources Data Collection (HR)

The Human Resources collection contains all general education staff information as of the official staff count date. This information is used for school staff demographics, average salaries by position and education level, highly qualified status for teachers and paraprofessionals, turnover rates and educator effectiveness ratings.

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General Resources

Visit the Data Submissions Library for:

  • Data Submissions Handbook
  • Data Submissions Calendar
  • Troubleshooting Errors

Important Announcements

All HR Prep Documentation, templates, and Starting Point files will be available July 18, 2024. 

File Layouts

File layouts provide guidance on the valid coding and definitions for each data element being collected and include notes specific to CSI schools.


All school submissions contacts should review relevant training prior to starting the data collection. The New This Year training is optional but encouraged for returning data contacts. 

Data Validation Resources

Data validation resources should be utilized prior to submitting initial files to CSI and throughout the collection to ensure data is comprehensive and accurate. Regularly using the data validation resources will reduce the number of updates needed at the end of the collection after receiving the Summary Report. 

Additional Resources

The following forms and district of residence resource are optional tools schools can use to ensure they are collecting data from staff that is required for the annual HR data collection.

The following templates can be used by schools that do not yet have starting point files to work from.

Staff Evaluation Resources

The Staff Evaluation Collection is designed to capture any Teachers, Specialized Service Providers, and Principals that were hired after the HR Collection.  Also, it should record the Evaluation data of staff.  Given CSI schools have all the appropriate waivers to zero-fill this data anyways, only the new staff and exits will be captured.


  • HR Evaluation Guidance [docx]
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