SASIDs and EDIDs are unique identifiers assigned to students and staff, respectively in order to preserve the privacy of student and staff records while being able to track student and staff within the state and allowing for statutorily required data analyses.

Please review the applicable Guide, then Access either RITS (for students) or EDIS (for staff) to confirm whether a request for a new identifier or an update to an existing identifier is necessary for the student/staff, and complete the applicable Template accordingly.

For questions or support, please email

Important Announcements

23-24 Update: 03 – Nonbinary added as a Gender option.

To ensure quick return of SASID/EDID requests be sure you are:

1.) first checking the RITs/EDIS system for existing records.  Ensure you are searching using multiple combinations of fields to avoid potential duplicates;

2.) formatting the request document properly including a date format of mmddyyyy no slashes (/) or dashes (-), and gender codes of 01=female, 02=male;

3.) Verifying that all suffixes are placed in the suffix field and not combined with the last name.

SASID Table for website - 07262023
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