Emergency School Closures  

In the event that a school has to close for an unplanned reason (such as a snow day or a facility emergency), the school may choose to cancel classes.  

  • CSI schools should communicate such emergency closures to Submissions_CSI@csi.state.co.us. (Schools are welcome to include the CSI submissions email address in their emergency notification distribution list so they do not need to communicate emergency closure information separately to CSI.) 
  • As long as the school’s actual number of student contact days and instructional hours do not fall below the minimums defined in statute, no further action is needed.  

Use of Remote Learning Days for Emergency School Closures 

In certain circumstances, a school may choose to reduce the amount of time lost due to unplanned school closures by implementing a Remote Learning Option as a Result of Emergency School Closures (“Remote Learning Option”).  

  • The purpose of the Remote Learning Option is to provide schools with an alternative to cancelling or rescheduling student contact days and instructional hours in the event of unexpected emergencies which traditionally have required school closure for the entire student body. 
  • Remote Learning Option days may be used up to a maximum of five days per school year.

Remote Learning Option days are not a regular part of a school’s calendar and should never be scheduled ahead of time. Instead, the Remote Learning Option should be considered a protocol for providing remote instruction when unforeseen circumstances prevent in-person learning and the normal operation of a school. In order to meet the requirements for instructional hours, teaching staff must be available and providing synchronous instruction on Remote Learning Option days, just as they would during a normally scheduled in-person student contact day (see “Important Considerations” below for details). 

Requirements for Seeking to Use Remote Learning Days for Emergency School Closures 

Prior to implementing a Remote Learning Option day, CSI schools must meet certain criteria. CSI schools wanting the option to use a remote learning day in lieu of cancelling classes due to emergency school closures must fulfill the following requirements: 

1) School Board Policy:

  • A local board of education policy or resolution that includes Remote Learning Option as a Result of Emergency School Closure in its definition of educational process.
  • Board policy, resolution, or other governance documentation that describes acceptable ways in which synchronous and asynchronous teacher-pupil instruction and contact time may occur during Remote Learning Option days. 

CSI has developed a Sample Board Resolution (Implementation of Remote Learning Days for Emergency School Closures) to satisfy the board policy requirements.  

2) School Plan: A plan for how a Remote Learning Option day will be implemented. This plan should include: 

  • Acceptable ways in which attendance/participation should be documented during Remote Learning Option days
  • Remote Learning Option day bell schedules, which may or may not align with the “normal” bell schedule(s) for that school* 
    • Instruction provided on Remote Learning Option days may only consist of acceptable synchronous and asynchronous instruction (see page 14 of CDE’s Guidance for a list acceptable synchronous and asynchronous instruction).  
    • Further, Remote Learning Option day bell schedules must incorporate at least 20% synchronous instruction by teachers. 
  • How a Remote Learning Option day will be called and communicated (e.g., email, local radio/news announcement, student portal, etc.) 
  • Expectations and training for staff members regarding the preparations for and implementation of a Remote Learning Option day
  • Training for family members and students (how to access online instruction, how to submit assignments, etc.)
  • How devices will be distributed or the expectation for families to access devices during Remote Learning Option days

Remote Learning Day Bell Schedule* In instances where the Remote Learning Option day bell schedule does not align with the “normal” bell schedule(s) for that school, please submit the Remote Learning Option day bell schedule(s).    

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