The deadline for submitting your request for the 2023-2024 school year using the guidance below is May 2, 2023

The following information is relevant to schools seeking to operate on a:

  • four-day school week schedule for the coming year, or,
  • five-day school week but with less than the state mandated 160 student contact day minimum for grades 1-12. 

Both scenarios require that CSI submit formal requests annually for approval. While the second scenario is not described in the CDE Instructional Hours Resource Guide, please know that the scheduled instructional hour minimum thresholds as provided in the CDE guide still need to be met under either of these scenarios. If unexpected school closures occur, you may need to make up days in order to maintain the minimum student contact days and/or actual instructional hour requirements for the year.

The formal request process to operate on a 4-day school week OR operate on less than 160 student contact day (for five-day school week) is outlined below.

Download a copy of the applicable request template: 

Complete the template and rename it with your school name in the file name. 

Submit your completed file along with a copy of your board-approved school calendar(s) using the Program and Contract Modification Form.

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