The CSI Evaluation and Assessment team oversees the CSI accountability system known as the CSI Annual Review of Schools (CARS) as well as both the school and district improvement planning processes.


The Evaluation and Assessment Team oversees CSI’s accountability system (CARS), which is used to evaluate and accredit CSI schools annually based on academic, financial, and organizational performance. CARS builds off of the academic expectations included in the state’s accountability system by adding additional academic indicators and including measures of financial and organizational performance.

Improvement Planning

The Evaluation and Assessment Team offers CSI schools training, technical assistance, and access to resources to complete a unified improvement plan that adheres to CSI and state expectations. CSI also submits and provides a district Unified Improvement Plan to the state based on the performance of the schools in its portfolio

Accountability Team

Ryan Marks

Ryan Marks

Director of Evaluation and Assessment


Jessica Welch

Jessica Welch

Assessment and Improvement Planning Specialist


Greg Nusz

Greg Nusz

Assessment and Program Evaluation Specialist


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