The purpose of school readiness assessment is to inform the development of an individual school readiness plan in order to provide a responsive learning environment for each child. Information gathered from school readiness assessments is to be used for supportive and instructional purposes and cannot be used to deny a student admission or progression to kindergarten or first grade.

All students in a publicly funded kindergarten are required to be assessed using as state approved school readiness assessment. Kindergartners must be tested within the first 60 days of enrollment.


Willyn Webb

Early Childhood & School

Support Specialist


School Readiness Assessment Data Collection

The purpose of the Kindergarten School Readiness (KSR) data collection is to provide baseline data for measuring improvement in students’ knowledge and skills over time and to collect data needed to fulfill statutory requirements for an annual legislative report.

Data reported to CDE will be from the initial fall assessment window. The initial assessment is to be completed within the first 60 calendar days of the school year as required by HB 15-1323. 

The School Readiness Data Reporting File is due to CSI on October 29, 2021.

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