While schools are closed for normal in-person instruction through April 17th per the Governor’s Executive Order (and likely longer), CSI schools are required to develop and implement plans to assist families and students in accessing alternative learning.

Broadly speaking, each school’s Remote Learning Plan should address the following topics: supporting families, instruction and content, assessment, accessibility, teacher professional development and support, and student and staff well-being.

To support, CSI has developed a Remote Learning Plan Guiding Questions resource to provide a framework:
• for schools to build and evaluate their remote learning plans,
• to identify specific areas of school need to efficiently focus CSI support, and
• to identify commonalities between schools to facilitate peer networks and resource sharing.

Remote Learning Plan Contact

Clare Vickland

Director of Student Services


CSI schools are required submit the following to CSI no later than April 6th:

1. Submit Your School’s Remote Learning Plan via Google Form

Schools should submit their Remote Learning Plan using the Google Form linked on this page.

  • Please be succinct in your responses and skip any guiding questions that have not yet been addressed at your school.
  • If you’re interested in additional resources or support in each area, click the check box under each guiding question. CSI will be using the responses from these boxes to inform upcoming supports offered to schools.
  • We expect the form will take 20-30 minutes to complete.

2. Submit A Sample School Communication Regarding Remote Learning 

To comply with the state requirements for a waiver of instructional days/hours, each school is asked to submit a copy of one communication that the school has shared, or will share, with students and families regarding their alternative learning plan.

Schools that have already submitted a sample communication to CSI do not need to submit an additional sample.

Continue to submit the sample communications to Communications_CSI@csi.state.co.us

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