The READ Act requires teachers to assess the literacy development of K-3 students in the areas of phonemic awareness; phonics; vocabulary development; and reading fluency, which includes mastery of oral skills and reading comprehension. The chart below outlines requirements for interim assessments for grades K-3 and diagnostic assessments for students identified with a significant reading deficiency (SRD). The school is required to develop a READ Plan for any student identified SRD.   

Assessment Requirement


1st-3rd Grade

Administer approved interim assessment to all students in grades K-3.





During first 90 calendar days of school year. If administered within first 60 calendar days of school year, may count as literacy component of the school readiness assessment.

Within first 30 calendar days of a student’s first date of attendance.





If a student scores below the cut-score on the approved interim assessment, the student must be assessed using a state board approved diagnostic assessment within 60 calendar days of the initial administration of the interim reading assessment.

Repeat assessment process at Middle Of Year (depending on charter contract) and End Of Year (required).

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