CSI developed its Equity Screener and Tiers of Support to both assess and support schools in providing equal access and quality programs to students qualifying for specialized supports, including students of color, emergent multilingual students, and students: with disabilities, with a 504 plan, receiving gifted services, eligible for free and reduced-price lunch, and experiencing homelessness. Goals of the Screener include:

ORGANIZE: Assess areas where supports are needed and identify highest leverage areas with emphasis on equity

ANALYZE: Provide schools with expansive and detailed data analysis for special populations

SUPPORT: Create a collaborative and meaningful process that allows for more authentic conversations and interactive experience

PARTNER: Support school innovation through supportive relationships with CSI staff



Kimberly Caplan
Director of Professional Learning & School Programs


Grouped Indicator Release

Includes attendance, discipline, growth, completion, enrollment, & stability



Tiered Supports Release

Tier 1 supports accessible all year; Tier 2 & 3 supports customized



Two Screener School Site Meetings

Overview of the dashboard data tool, discuss school equity goals


The Equity Screener Dashboard provides schools with interactive, tailored, accessible data.

Schools have the autonomy to set their own equity goals which can align with other processes such as the UIP, milestones, and CARS.

Through collaboration and guidance, schools set goals via action planning, root cause data discussions, and continuous engagement. CSI staff provide the expertise and resources to help schools reach their goals.

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