Teacher Student Data Link

The Teacher Student Data Link (TSDL) collection is meant to provide a way to link teacher and student data to show the instructional relationship between educators and the students that are in their classroom. CSI is waived from having to report instructor data for the TSDL; therefore, our use of the data is primarily to review course completion trends.

 For questions or support, please email submissions_CSI@csi.state.co.us


General Resources

Visit the Data Submissions Library for:

  • Data Submissions Handbook
  • Data Submissions Calendar
  • Troubleshooting Errors

File Layouts

File layouts provide guidance on the valid coding and definitions for each data element being collected and includes notes specific to CSI schools.

Quick Reference Guides

These quick references provide step by step instructions for completing key tasks for the data collection. 

Submissions Training

All school submissions contacts should review relevant training prior to starting the data collection. 

Additional Resources

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